CUL MUN- symulacja obrad ONZ

Serdecznie zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w 4. edycji symulacji obrad ONZ CUL MUN!

The fourth edition of the Catholic University of Lublin Model United Nations is a three days simulation of the UN summit addressed to students, who debate one of the key problems of the near future as a delegate of the county of their choice.

Security Council- A ban on AI arms race
Human Rights Council- The rights and responsibilities of AI
Economic and Social Council- Universal Basic Income as a remedy for technological unemployment

The conference is a great opportunity to practice diplomatic skills. Chose the country, then one of the UN committees and represent your state’s perspective on the issues addressed during the debate.

The best delegates will be awarded, however, everyone benefits from participation. The Model UN is a chance to improve your confidence, public speaking skills and knowledge of international affairs. What is more, during CUL MUN you can meet people from different parts of the world and experience the atmosphere of Lublin, the most beautiful city in eastern Poland.

In order to take part in CUL MUN fill up the registration form and we will provide you with any further information. The registration fee is 40 PLN/20 EUR. Chairs participate for free.

Delegate Application

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